New Year, New Kitchen

We’ve sought out the Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

1.     Matte Black

       According to Dwell, this is the durable and dramatic trend you’ve been waiting for. In open kitchens with natural light, the velvety effect of matte black will create an elevated atmosphere. This trend is inspired by monochromatic Scandinavian design and will dominate home interiors for 2018 bringing a darker look to kitchens. We think this refrigerator and espresso machine are a must for any remodel.

                               Dedica DeLuxe manual espresso machine and cappuccino maker by De’Longhi / $350

                               Dedica DeLuxe manual espresso machine and cappuccino maker by De’Longhi / $350

                                                                                            GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator  / Starts at $1394

                                                                                            GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator  / Starts at $1394


2.     Quartz Is The New Granite

       Quartz is the number one product on the market right now and is predicted to stay there over the next couple years. Our friend Amanda, over at Gates Interior Design, loves quartz for its durability, fresh look, and the finish options. Not only that, but it’s less maintenance than granite and has a timeless look. Leave in the comments which finish you would choose.

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3.     Brass is Coming On Strong

      Looking for a way to add accents in the kitchen? Shiny brass is a big trend right now. House Beautiful says this warm finish “bring(s) a homey luxury and pair well with many cabinet colors.” Whether it be a kitchen gadget, appliance, or hardware, brass is standout finish in any kitchen.

Bunny Williams Pineapple Ice Bucket / $169

4.     How About a Little Navy?

        Like the matte black trend, the darker color palette prevails with a growing desire for navy cabinetry. “Many find the dark blue color to be an unexpected and classy color choice,” according to This darker shade adds a bold and luxurious element to the kitchen for 2018.

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5.     Smart Technology

       The growth of technology continues to amaze us. More and more home owners want smart appliances in their kitchen design. This includes appliances enabled by WiFi, motorized cabinets, and touch activated sinks. Amy Chernoff, VP of Marketing at AJ Madison states, “Ovens with smartphone capability to control timers and temperatures, and Wi-Fi connectivity to look up recipes or program favorite ones into your device, have both seen a surge in 2017.” Looks like it’s time for a smart upgrade. What can’t technology do?